TSN Baseball Analyst Steve Phillips answers several question

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TSN Baseball Analyst Steve Phillips answers several question

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TSN Baseball Analyst Steve Phillips answers several questions surrounding the game each week. This weeks topics include a vote of confidence for the Jays brass, a second life for PED offenders, the lasting effects of chewing tobacco and what the majors can learn from the little leagues. 1) Reports surfaced over the last week that Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos and manager John Gibbons were both expected back for the 2015 season. What does the vote of confidence mean for both and, more importantly, for a team that has twice fallen out of a playoff spot this season? It is good news for the Jays and their fans that ownership has given both Alex Anthopoulos and John Gibbons a vote of confidence that they will return next season. Change is not always the answer. It is oftentimes the easy way out for ownership. They figure they will make a change and the fans will back off of them waiting for some new grand plan or direction. But more often than not, the firing of general managers particularly, set the organization back a number of years. Anthopoulos knows what he is doing. He knows where his teams strengths and weaknesses are. Gibbons is respected by his players and other managers. He is a good baseball man. Sure, neither of them is perfect but they are good men who give an honest days effort and represent the organization well. Ownerships support of these two is also a bit of an admission that the clubs shortcomings are in many ways their bosses fault. The Jays are close. They are much closer to a playoff team than they have been in years. They are starting pitcher or two short of being a true contender. A key trade or two at the deadline might have made the difference this season but Anthopoulos had no budget to make that happen. The Jays are in a window where they have affordable power in their line-up. They wont have it forever. Power costs big money in the free agent market for both bats and pitchers. They cant let this time go to waste. There are certain times in an organizations history that they need to go for it. This is one of those times for the Jays. Ownership has made it clear they believe in Anthopoulos and Gibbons. Now they need to make it clear they believe in the players. 2) Nelson Cruz enters Thursday leading the majors in home runs while Melky Cabrera sits second in the MLB in hits. What do these achievements mean for the once-suspended stars and their value heading into the open market this off-season? Nelson Cruz is having a career year. So is Melky Cabrera. What a difference a year can make. Cruz was suspended from the Rangers this time last year for using PEDs acquired from Biogenesis. Cabrera is coming to the conclusion of the two-year $16 million deal he signed with the Jays after his own 50 game suspension for testing positive for PEDs. Good for them. They have both bounced back from the embarrassment of getting snagged in MLBs Joint Drug Policy. They are taking full advantage of their second chances. Are they clean now? I dont know. I assume they are because they havent had another positive test. But you know what happens when you ass-u-me. So I am not totally willing to say they are clean. The element of doubt that I have will not be shared by every general manager around the game. Some may feel like I do, but as long as there is one who is willing to invest in the numbers they produce they will get all the money in the world. I suspect that both Cruz and Cabrera will get multi-year, multi-million dollar deals. They will be substantially compensated and completely unaffected by their previous wrongdoings. The evidence seems pretty clear that sooner or later if you produce you will get paid. Just look at Jhonny Peraltas contract that he got from the Cardinals last offseason. I am all for second chances. Heaven knows I have gotten them. I am thrilled when people take advantage of them. Maybe I should take some PEDs, turn myself in and then cash in on my own big contract. Sounds like a plan. 3) Curt Schilling has been treated for mouth cancer and attributed his disease to his use of chewing tobacco. MLB prohibits visible use of smokeless tobacco but with Schillings admission and Tony Gwynns death from oral cancer earlier in the year, is it time for the League to take a stronger stand? Every package of smokeless chewing tobacco and advertisement includes one of the following warnings: WARNING: This product can cause mouth cancer. WARNING: This product can cause gum disease and tooth loss. WARNING: This product is not a safe alternative to cigarettes. WARNING: Smokeless tobacco is addictive. Yet Curt Schilling and Tony Gwynn kept chewing. So do dozens of other major league ball players. Major League Baseball rules prohibit teams from providing any tobacco products to players. Many stadiums are nonsmoking facilities. Players cannot have tobacco tins in their uniform pockets or do televised interviews while using smokeless tobacco. Violators are subject to fines. Despite all of these attempts to make it more difficult on players they still have a never-ending supply of smokeless tobacco and continue to use it at a reduced but alarming rate. Smokeless tobacco is banned in the minor leagues. Players, coaches and managers face fines and suspensions if they are caught using it. The reason it is not banned in the major leagues is because the Major League Baseball Players Association is unwilling to agree to it. Players want this to remain a matter of choice. They support education but they refuse to approve an across-the-board ban. There is netting in hockey arenas now behind the goals because a woman died when there wasnt netting. Base coaches wear helmets now in professional ball and in most amateur leagues because a first base coach of the Tulsa Drillers, Scott Coolbaugh, was struck in the head by a liner and died. There are so many things that we know we should do, but it takes a death to make it happen. Pitchers in baseball should wear protective headgear but it wont become mandatory until someone dies. Netting should be extended down the baselines in baseball stadiums to protect the fans from getting hit by line drives. It wont happen unless someone dies from getting hit. We had our tragic death from smokeless tobacco (Gwynn). We had our real scare for ones health (Schilling). Why isnt it enough? The Players Association needs to protect its constituents from themselves. I dont care that tobacco is legal. It kills. The Office of the Commissioner cannot unilaterally ban smokeless tobacco. It has to be negotiated as a topic in collective bargaining. I hope and pray that we dont need to lose more lives to get the players to agree to a complete and total ban. 4) So, this past week five million people tuned in to watch Mone Davis, a thirteen year old girl, pitch for the Pennsylvania team against Las Vegas in the Little League World Series. It was the highest rated baseball game on ESPN since 2007. Thirty-four thousand fans showed up to watch which was 9,000 more than the Phillies had at Citizens Bank Park on the same night. Let that sink in. She is a woman among boys. She is a rock star. Everywhere she went in Williamsport people wanted to see her and get her autograph. In fact someone sold her autograph online for $500. Mone is money. But why? From all accounts she is not only a wonderful athlete but a great kid too. Certainly there is part of the story that is a bit of a side-show: a girl beating boys at their own game. It never happens this way. She is a one-of-a kind. The reason so many people watched though is not exclusively because of the uniqueness of Mone but more because they got to know her. ESPN let us in behind the scenes and gave us a true sense as to who Mone really is as a person? We connected with her and her story. There are some that think the stat I gave you above is an embarrassment to baseball. We should be mortified that it took a little girl to drive ratings for baseball in a way that major leaguers couldnt. Those people think that fans have lost interest in the game and wont watch unless there is a side-show. I disagree. I believe that the Mone Davis story is a story of hope for a young girl but also for the industry. It proved that people are interested in baseball and will watch the games when the players are interesting to them. It reinforces what I have thought all along, that, if baseball markets its players, fans will connect and become interested in the game again. Fans young and old want to know the same things about major leaguers that we learn about little leaguers: Who is your favorite player? What is your favorite meal? What is your favorite hobby? Who would they like to meet? Who is your favorite non-baseball athlete? What is your favorite movie? Baseball has a hole to dig itself out of there is no question. But the last few weeks have provided us a pathway to get there. Football has had players arrested for smoking marijuana and domestic abuse. The NFL has an epidemic of DUIs from owners to players. The door is open for baseball to make up ground with better marketing of players and a few other changes. The best news of the week was that Commissioner-elect Rob Manfred was in Williamsport, PA at the Little League World Series. It was a brilliant move. Baseball needs to get a younger fan base and the guy in charge showed he understands it. There is a lot of hope for the game we love. <a href="http://www.cheaplosangelesramsjerseysauthentic.com/?tag=authentic-deacon-jones-jersey">Deacon Jones Jersey</a>.com) - The Dallas Mavericks had a five-game winning streak snapped last time out, but theyll try to get back into the winners circle Sunday evening when the Milwaukee Bucks pay a visit to American Airlines Center. <a href="http://www.cheaplosangelesramsjerseysauthentic.com/?tag=authentic-nolan-cromwell-jersey">Nolan Cromwell Jersey</a>. - Derek Wolfe says hes finally healthy after suffering a seizure in November that doctors now believe was related to the spinal cord injury he suffered in the preseason. http://www.cheaplosangelesramsjerseysau ... ood-jersey. Chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel also accused Pistorius of tailoring his testimony to fit the evidence at the scene. Pistorius denied the accusations. Nel alleged that the Olympic runner changed his aim with his 9 mm pistol to ensure that he hit Steenkamp as she fell back against a magazine rack in a toilet cubicle. <a href="http://www.cheaplosangelesramsjerseysauthentic.com/">Rams Jerseys China</a>. PETERSBURG, Fla. <a href="http://www.cheaplosangelesramsjerseysauthentic.com/?tag=authentic-darrell-henderson-jersey">Darrell Henderson Jersey</a>.J. -- Tom Coughlin doesnt have many options at halfback for the winless New York Giants. The axe came down on CFL veterans Justin Palardy, Hugh Charles, Jamel Richardson and Martell Mallett on Saturday. All four were released as CFL teams reduced their rosters to 46 players by the league deadline of 10 p.m. ET. The regular season kicks off Thursday with the Toronto Argonauts visiting the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Veteran kicker Palardy was among 14 players cut by the expansion Ottawa Redblacks. While his release was surprising, the Edmonton Eskimos provided a shocker by including seven-year veteran Charles name in their final 15 cuts. A knee injury limited nine-year CFL veteran Richardson, 32, to only 18 catches for 197 yards last year, breaking a streak of five straight 1,000-yard receiving seasons with Montreal, which also let veteran linebacker Diamond Ferri go. Mallett, the 09 CFL top rookie with B.C., was released by Calgary. The running back was attempting to resurrect his career after suffering a season-ending torn Achilles tendon during training camp in 12 with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Veteran defensive back Evan McCullough, who earned a Grey Cup ring with Toronto in 12, was among five players released by Hamilton. The Argos were expected to announce their final cuts Sunday. Palardy, a 26-year-old native of Truro, N.S., was looking to kick-start his CFL career with Ottawa but was released along with international kicker Paolo Henriques, leaving American rookie Brett Maher as the clubs only kicker. Howeer, late Saturday night it was reported that Maher had also been released. Maher had a field goal, three converts and single in Ottawas 26-10 exhibition win over the Montreal Alouettes on Friday night, but he didnt exactly receive a ringing endorsement from Redblacks GM Marcel Desjardins on Saturday. "Unfortunately nobody lived up to what we felt the acceptable level of performance would be," Desjardins told reporters. "Even in Bretts case, he knows he need to be better. "It doesnt mean hes locked into being our guy either . . . were still having guys to explore and other options to look at and were going to do that. We have time, we have bye week so we have a lot of time to figure this out." The Redblacks dont play their first game until July 3 in Winnipeg. Palardy, a former Saint Marys star, was taken in the fifth round of the 2010 CFL draft by Hamilton and played in five games as a punter before being released. Palardy joined Winnipeg in August 2010 and made 26-of-30 field goals for a club-record 86.7 per cent success ratio. He followed that up by hitting 40-of-52 field goals in 2011. The following season, Palardy was Winnipegs nominee for the CFLs top special-teams player after making 39-of-45 field goals and averaging a career-high 57.3 yards on 70 kickoffs. But after hitting 9-of-12 field goals in 13, Palardy was replaced by Canadian Sando DeAngelis and released by the Bombers on Aug. 27, 2013. He signed with Ottawa on March 6. Palardy punted 12 times against Montreal for a 39.8-yard average. Redbblacks head coach Rick Campbell said cutdown day is tough for all involved.dddddddddddd "This is not a fun day," he said. "Theres a lot of guys that have put in a lot of work to get to this point and to try and make a football team. "To give people bad news, you never want to do it but its a part of the fact of what happens in pro sports." Over his career, Palardy made 114-of-139 field goals (82 per cent) and boasted a 42.1-yard punting average Also released by the Redblacks were national receivers Aaron Hargreaves, Simon LeMarquand and Steven Adu, international defensive back Parker Orms, international linebacker Devin Arrington, national defensive lineman Stephon Miller, international defensive lineman Dimetrio Tyson,, national offensive linemen James Lee, Brendan Dunn and Aaron Wheaton, international receivers Taulib Ikharo and Travon Patterson. The B.C. Lions released seven players. They were: national running back Guillame Bourassa, international defensive back Tony Burnett, international linebacker, Korey Jones, international defensive lineman Dyrell Porcha, international offensive tackle RJ Dill, national kicker/punter Steven Shott and national linebacker Thomas Spoletini. American defensive end Scooter Berry, who was entering his third CFL season, was among 14 players released by Montreal. The six-foot-two, 275-pound Berry had spent time in the NFL with the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars, as well as Arena Football Leagues Jacksonville Sharks, before joining the Alouettes. "Lost a lot of good teammates today especially my boy (at)Sdot--Berry," Alouttes defensive lineman John Bowman tweeted. "I wish all yall the best. "This is the non fun part about the game." Montreals moves mean international receiver Chad Johnson made its final roster. Johnson, 36, was a longtime NFL star but was out of football for two years before signing with the Alouettes. In addition to Charles, Edmonton released national defensive linemen Michaell Dadzie and Gregory Alexandre, national receiver Anthony Barrett, international defensive linemen Cameron Sheffield, Daniel Ross and RaShon Harris, national cornerback Raye Hartmann, national centre Gord Hinse, international defensive backs Robert Sands and Myron Lewis, international slotback Brandon McRae, national punter-kicker Zackary Medeiros, national linebacker Kyle Norris and national fullback Smith Wright. The Grey Cup-champion Saskatchewan Roughriders released 26 players, including international linebacker Brandon Isaac, who earned a Grey Cup ring with Toronto in 12 and spent last season with Hamilton. Also let go were national receivers Jade Etienne -- selected fourth overall in the 11 draft by Winnipeg -- and Jordan Sisco, a 2010 second-round pick by the Riders, and international defensive lineman Markus White, who suffered a seizure during camp. Winnipeg made its final cuts Friday, releasing 11 players, including former starter Max Hall. <a href="http://www.chinawholesalejerseysnfl.com/">Wholesale Jerseys</a> ' ' '
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